Gatenboren tot 50 mm

  • Manufactured with high quality solid carbide tips for maximum performance and reliability.
  • High quality centre drill spring loaded for fast waste material ejection.
  • Fast cutting time compared to standard twist drills.
  • Used in conjunction with drill chuck.

Ideal for Structural Steel, Stainless Steel & Pipework.

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 31,15 509,20

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Gatenboren tot 50 mm

ø 16mm (RHS1650), ø 17mm (RHS1750), ø 18mm (RHS1850), ø 19mm (RHS1950), ø 20mm (RHS2050), ø 21mm (RHS2150), ø 22mm (RHS2250), ø 23mm (RHS2350), ø 24mm (RHS2450), ø 25mm (RHS2550), ø 26mm (RHS2650), ø 27mm (RHS2750), ø 28mm (RHS2850), ø 29mm (RHS2950), ø 30mm (RHS3050), ø 31mm (RHS3150), ø 32mm (RHS3250), ø 33mm (RHS3350), ø 34mm (RHS3450), ø 35mm (RHS3550), ø 36mm (RHS3650), ø 37mm (RHS3750), ø 38mm (RHS3850), ø 39mm (RHS3950), ø 40mm (RHS4050), ø 41mm (RHS4150), ø 42mm (RHS4250), ø 43mm (RHS4350), ø 44mm (RHS4450), ø 45mm (RHS4550), ø 46mm (RHS4650), ø 47mm (RHS4750), ø 48mm (RHS4850), ø 49mm (RHS4950), ø 50mm (RHS5050), ø 51mm (RHS5150), ø 52mm (RHS5250), ø 53mm (RHS5350), ø 54mm (RHS5450), ø 55mm (RHS5550), ø 56mm (RHS5650), ø 57mm (RHS5750), ø 58mm (RHS5850), ø 59mm (RHS5950), ø 60mm (RHS6050), ø 61mm (RHS6150), ø 62mm (RHS6250), ø 63mm (RHS6350), ø 64mm (RHS6450), ø 65mm (RHS6550), ø 66mm (RHS6650), ø 67mm (RHS6750), ø 68mm (RHS6850), ø 69mm (RHS6950), ø 70mm (RHS7050), ø 71mm (RHS7150), ø 72mm (RHS7250), ø 73mm (RHS7350), ø 74mm (RHS7450), ø 75mm (RHS7550), ø 76mm (RHS7650), ø 77mm (RHS7750), ø 78mm (RHS7850), ø 79mm (RHS7950), ø 80mm (RHS8050), ø 81mm (RHS8150), ø 82mm (RHS8250), ø 83mm (RHS8350), ø 84mm (RHS8450), ø 85mm (RHS8550), ø 86mm (RHS8650), ø 87mm (RHS8750), ø 88mm (RHS8850), ø 89mm (RHS8950), ø 90mm (RHS9050), ø 91mm (RHS9150), ø 92mm (RHS9250), ø 93mm (RHS9350), ø 94mm (RHS9450), ø 95mm (RHS9550), ø 96mm (RHS9650), ø 97mm (RHS9750), ø 98mm (RHS9850), ø 99mm (RHS9950), ø 100mm (RHS10050)

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