Element 50 Automatic

The Element™ 50 Automatic is a fully automatic magnetic drill.

Unlike many other semi-auto machines – our machine will drill the hole, retract, and power off – ready to be safely moved to the next hole. It features all the fantastic features of our Element™ drills, meaning you can use it in auto mode or in manual as a complete all-rounder. Fitted with CutSmart™ technology to enhance tool life, speed of cut and user safety.


Key Features
  • The ‘Element 50’ is one of Rotabroach’s most versatile machines.
  • Small in size, coming in at 460mm height.
  • Dual motor protection system prolonging the machines life.
  • Internal cabling removed the risk of damage and downtime for your magdrill.
  • Quick release interchangeable handle – allowing you to operate the mag drill from either side and improving accessibility.
  • CutSmart Technology – designed to protect your motor and cutter, prolonging tool life.
  • Internal cooling – keeping your mag drill cool and allowing you to drill for longer.
  • Reversible features to allow tapping 13mm drill chuck that can be used for twist drills
  • Can be used to countersink up to 30mm*


Extra informatie

Motor Specification

110V 1500W / 230V 1500W

No Load RPM

Low Gear: 100-265RPM / High Gear: 200-500RPM

Max Hole Cutting Capacity

⌀50 x 50mm Deep – 20mm with 2MT twist drill

Overall Dimensions

Height: 586mm / Width: 190mm / Length: 317mm



Magnetic Adhesion


Magnet Size

200 x 98mm

Safety Features

Cutsmart™ Technology / Magnetic Detection / Secondary Motor Protection

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